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7 Christmas Team Building Activities To Engage Your Team

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

building team morale this Christmas

Tensions can be high at work during the holiday season, and your team should try to go some extra miles to keep themselves engaged and motivated. Try out these seven fun Christmas team-building activities to keep your team happy and help them feel appreciated.

1. Office Decorating

Putting up tinsel, fairy lights, and stockings can be a fun break from work and make the office feel more Christmas-y too. If there is a tree to decorate, all the better! Your teammates can bring in their favorite baubles to put on the tree.

2. Secret Santa

A secret Santa gift swap is fun and exciting, and the suspense can make it all the more thrilling. The end reveal can be done while the whole team is gathered together to help the team feel engaged and connected.

3. Office Christmas Bingo

The office bingo can be made up of common Christmas occurrences or phrases that certain teammates use a lot to make it more fun and personal.

4. Gingerbread House Decorating

The team can be split up to make a competition out of gingerbread house decorating. The competition can make the activity more exciting, and then afterward everybody can eat their delicious decorated houses.

5. Holiday Movie Night

Everybody probably has one or two classic Christmas movies that they absolutely love. The team can vote on which movie they’d like to see, and then you can host a movie night with all their favorite snacks on hand.

6. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get everybody out of their seats and feel active. A secret prize can make the activity even more rewarding.

7. Christmas Karaoke

From Christmas carols to some class Christmas pop songs, there is no shortage of songs for karaoke. Karaoke can be a great way to break the monotony of the workday without taking too much time or preparation.

Which of these Christmas team-building activities do you think your team will enjoy the most?

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