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7 Creative Ways You Can Bring the Christmas Spirit to The Office

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

how to bring the Christmas spirit to the office

Christmas is one of the most joyous times of the year, and your employees may feel upset at having to spend so much of the season at the office. Let’s take a look at seven fun and creative ways to bring the Christmas spirit to the office and boost morale!

1. Get A Tree for the Office

Christmas is incomplete without the perfect Christmas tree. Get a big, dazzling tree for the office that is decked out in lights, decorations, baubles, and of course, a star at the very top.

2. Hang Up Holly and Mistletoe

Cubicles and break rooms deserve a bit of Christmas magic too. Hang up holly and mistletoe for some fun décor and turn those boring spaces into more holiday-appropriate ones.

3. Play Christmas Music in the Break Rooms

While it would be fun to blast Christmas carols and pop songs all day long, that’s not too conducive for a workplace. However, you can play some light music in the break rooms.

4. Keep Christmas Snacks on Hand

Your teammates would love to come into the office and find fresh gingerbread cookies on their desks or a hot cocoa station in the break room. Food is a great way to bring the Christmas spirit to the office.

5. Hang Up Stockings for Team Members

You can also hang up stockings for all the employees, and everybody can put in small gifts and tokens of appreciation in their teammates’ stockings. This is a good idea because nobody will feel pressured to give anybody else gifts if they do not want to.

6. Host a Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun and exciting way to get your employees in the holiday spirit and add some suspense and anticipation.

7. Hold an Ugly Sweater Contest

All your team members can come to the office in their ugliest sweaters and vote on a winner. This can be fun for everyone involved and doesn’t require much planning either.

Be sure to try some of these suggestions and bring the Christmas spirit to the office this holiday season!

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