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7 Strategies to Encourage Your Employees to Love Training

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

employee training sessions

Training sessions help your employees learn valuable skills and learn how to carry out their tasks and excel professionally. However, your employees may not always be excited about training sessions or enjoy them. Here are seven strategies you can use to encourage your employees to love training:

1. Ask Them What They Want: You’d be surprised at what your employees may want out of training sessions and the amazing ideas they may want to share with you. They will also enjoy training a lot more if they have helped plan it out.

2. Keep The Sessions Short and Easy: Nobody wants long hours of sessions with information overload. Micro-learning sessions are the way to go, where your employees are given easy-to-digest bite-sized pieces of information at a time.

3. Offer Food and Refreshments at Training Sessions: More employees will be willing to sit through training with the promise of coffee and biscuits.

4. Remote Training Sessions: Physical sessions can be restrictive and dull. Mobile sessions allow your employees to be flexible with their time.

5. Use Elements of Gamification: Everything is more fun if you can make a game out of it! Consider implementing a points system and a leaderboard. You can also introduce some prizes for employees that attend the most sessions.

6. Offer Employees Incentives for Completing Training Sessions: Make it so that employees with the most training sessions are considered first for promotions and other advanced placements within the organization.

7. Look for Training Sessions with Certifications: Your employees will be more willing to take a training session if they receive certification for it since that certification adds to their personal value even outside of your organization.

For more information on how Inspire CMG can increase your team's performance with training and development, contact us for your next Lunch & Learn or Virtual Workshop.

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