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7 Strategies to Gain Employee Commitment to Continuous Learning and Development

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

continuous learning and development

Continuous learning and development is the process of supporting and investing in your employee’s current skills, and help them acquire new skills to fill needs within the organization. It can be acquired through development programs or training.

Continuous learning offers many benefits to an organization; it aims to cultivate more productive and higher performing employees and also foster long-term growth for your entire business

Wondering how you can get your employees to commit to continuous learning and development? Try the following seven strategies:

1. Be A Role Model for Your Employees

Have higher management partake in continuous learning and development to set a precedent and create role models for your employees.

2. Allow Employees Freedom in Learning

Let your employees self-direct what they are learning and focus on topics that they find more interesting and helpful.

3. Give Your Employees Rewards and Recognition

Treat learning goals like any other goals, and give your employees recognition, rewards, and certificates for reaching certain learning goals.

4. Allocate Time to Continuous Learning

Don’t expect your employees to undergo learning and development on their own time. Set aside work time for such programs.

5. Provide Licenses and Certifications

Employees will be more committed to continuous learning if they receive licenses and certifications since these can help increase their personal value outside of your organization.

6. Build A Library for Learning Resources

With learning resources available at their fingertips and no restrictions or paywalls getting in the way, employees will be more likely to commit to continuous learning.

7. Connect Employees with Industry Professionals

Meeting industry professionals can inspire your employees and give them mentors to talk with and look up to. This can encourage them to want to learn.

There’s no doubt that continuous employee development helps the individual improve and benefits the organization. Try these seven strategies to gain employee commitment to continuous learning and development.

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