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7 Ways to Begin Developing Your New Career Path

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

how to begin transitioning into a new career

Are you looking to develop a new career path? Before you can do that, you need to consider your skills, qualifications, and personal and professional needs and develop a plan for moving forward. Here are 7 ways to begin developing your new career path.

1. Figure Out Your Interests

What are you hoping to do in your new career? It might have to do with your interests and hobbies or the parts of your current job you enjoy.

2. List Down All Your Professional Achievements and Experiences

Next, make a list of all your previous education and work experience, any additional courses or training, any certifications, and volunteer work you may have done.

3. Find Some Overlap

Do you see any overlap in your interests and past experience? If yes, that is the perfect place to begin looking for your new career path!

4. Shortlist A Few Job Titles

Once you have a general idea of which direction you want to head in for your new career, you need to figure out what jobs are available in that career and shortlist a few job titles that you are interested in.

5. Research the Job Requirements

Once you have a specific list of jobs you want to look into, you must research the job requirements. This involves the level of education and experience required for the job, the kind of salary you can expect, and the work environment at that workplace.

6. Update Your Resume and Cover Letter

You probably haven't looked at your old resume since you started your current job. Well, it's time to update the resume and write up some new cover letters tailored to the specific job you want to apply to.

7. Send in Your Applications

The last thing left to do is to fill out the job applications. Be thorough with the information you fill in, and tailor your responses to the job requirements for a better result.

Follow these seven tips for developing your new career path. For more information on how Inspire CMG can increase your team's performance, contact us for your next Lunch & Learn or Virtual Workshop.

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