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Learn To Invest In Yourself pt 2

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

What Is Personal Development?

In a nutshell, self or personal development is investing in you, by believing in yourself and your goals so strongly that you are willing to do whatever it is to grow and develop. Your belief becomes the catalyst to help you elevate yourself higher. You have the ability to transform who you are right now into a better you in the future. So how do you do this? Self -Investment and rewards come in many forms, but here are a few below:

1. Goal Setting:

The wealthiest business gurus would tell you that setting goals help you accomplish them faster. When you are certain and clear about your goals and have written them down, you are closer to taking actionable steps towards achieving them. We all have these dreams we hope to achieve, putting them down on paper gives you a greater chance at achieving them because now you see them daily and most importantly you are willing to take the necessary steps to bring them to light.

2. Honing Your Current Skill:

You are seen as an expert when you are considered the best or one of the best in a field or a skill. Strengthening your current skills is one of the greatest ways of investing in yourself. It is definitely worth your time and energy whether you intend to stay in the line of work you are doing for a long time or want to transfer those skills to another industry or your own business. It brings you more recognition, it gives you the confidence to ask for the raise, and you can become a subject matter expert in your field.

3. Keep A Journal:

This may sound elementary, but it is key in helping you invest in yourself. A journal is a powerful tool that can help you put your goals into action. Keeping a daily journal helps you reduce stress, manage anxiety, cope with depression, face your fears, and better understand yourself, including identifying positive and negative thoughts. Putting down your problems on a piece of paper can help you solve them, over time it helps you develop self-awareness, identify and clarify your goals and feel more confident.

4. Reading:

Reading self-help and development books helps you grow, learn, and become a better individual to share with the world. Reading forces you to think for yourself, to give you a whole new perspective of understanding problems and it increases your tolerance level. Reading one or two books in a month is also a great way to compensate for binge-watching shows on Netflix. It is also a good habit to practice. Remember, it is said that CEOs read multiple books a year.

5. Daily Exercise:

Daily exercise has been connected to more productivity, reduced stress, increased brain power, better memory, an increase in creativity, and more energy. It is the best way to maintain a healthy physical lifestyle and you become a better team player when you indulge in daily exercise.

6. Saving money for your plans and goals are great ways to invest in you. It is always better to save money as you plan to invest in yourself. This money will help you attend seminars and workshops to obtain certifications and continue your journey of learning, development, and growth.

Implementation of this list for improvements and personal development investment can only lead to long term positive change and opportunities.

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