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Five Incredible Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

It is a common thing that you feel overwhelmed at work. You are not alone. We have all been there. Maybe inundated with projects or having a feeling of demotivation while trying to complete an assignment, your motivation at the workplace is directly linked to your mindfulness. Mindfulness refers to your ability to stay focused, yet flexible, a way to reprogram your mind in a healthier and less stressful way.

Heads up! It is not uncommon for mindfulness to take a turn when things begin to go hectic and haywire at work especially when your activities relate directly with tight deadlines and other stringent life events. What is far more important is what actions you take and how you streamline your focus to facilitate optimum efficiency. You could begin with top preparation for the day and a highlight of what needs to be accomplished. To follow up with this, practice mindfulness. There are lots of ways you can handle this, especially with mobile applications like headspace which has been designed to bite-size your reflections for busy schedules in ways that they are explicitly tailored for different scenarios. Try performing your job for the scheduled time and then allow yourself some time to step away. This practice usually refocuses your mind, making you come back to the job reinvigorated. There are more benefits to mindfulness in the workplace as follows;

It fosters stress reduction

Most jobs are synonymous with stress. It is easy to lose focus on them when fatigue sets in. However, the discussion of mindfulness in the workplace has produced a significant way forward with this horrible situation. Because stress causes employee disengagement which ends up hindering productivity, most prominent organizations like Adobe, Google, Goldman Sachs and so much more have tried combating stress with formal mindfulness programs which have since significantly promoted stress reduction and employee engagement. A lot of formal studies and researches have also found out that turning to mindfulness has become an essential strategy to fight work-related stress.

It promotes job adaptability

Stressful or not, it is essential to adapt to your job roles quickly in order to enhance productivity. This is achievable with the ability to acclimate to your job situation easily and handle multiple demands that come along with it. Mindfulness helps you to achieve this really quickly. This is because the more you practice and expose yourself to diverse ways of doing things, learning, and gaining confidence in uncertainty, the more adaptable to those situations you will become. Not just in your job roles, adaptability plays prominent roles in leadership performance and allows leaders to shift priorities as well as adjust perceptions and beliefs easily.

Helps problem-solving

A stressed and fatigued mind is a cluttered mind that needs decluttering before it could solve any real problems. In fact, problem-solving is the ability to remove clutters from an untrained mind in a bid to improve concentration and facilitate the untying of the notes of problem-solving. Mindfulness systematically frees your minds off of distractions, giving you a free new space to reflect. This means that whenever you are in the thick of a challenge and practice mindfulness, you become able to process information in new and different ways that are needed for resolution.

Enhance creativity

Divergent thinking is a core aspect of creativity. It refers to the ability to come up with an abundance of ideas. Mindfulness helps divergent thinking hence creativity because it motivates you to think more innovatively than usual. When you practice mindfulness, your brain gets liberated from distractions. This in a way boosts your ability to see things with a new lens and perhaps differently. What then is creativity if not the outcome of taking a different approach via fresh perspectives?

Boost vitality and create space for the absorption of new information

When you practice mindfulness, you will always keep your vitality refreshed. How do I mean? You come to work differently on a daily basis, sometimes with high energies and other times with feelings that you are running empty. Regardless of the shape and form in which you get to the workplace, you need motivation to keep you going so your energy depot doesn't run dry so quickly and easily. This is where mindfulness will do the work. It makes you enjoy the work you are doing and helps you to remain cognizant of your aspirations and goals. In addition to this, your constantly refreshed mind will always create space to absorb new information. This will impact future learning and creative possibilities too.

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