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Giving Beyond the Office: The Best Time of the Year to Appreciate Your Clients 

thanksgiving gifts for clients

Thanksgiving is the time of year to count all your blessings and give thanks for all the good in your life. If you run a successful business, that is something amazing to be thankful for. But it is important to remember that no business is a success without valued clients. This thanksgiving, appreciate your clients by sending them a meaningful gift.

By sending them something, you remind them how much they are valued and create a better image for your business. Your clients will feel respected and appreciated too. Here are some ideas for thanksgiving gifts for clients.

1. Food Baskets

The best part of thanksgiving is all the delicious food. Send your clients a food basket with decadent combinations of fruit, chocolate, wine, and baked goods. This is a sure way to make your clients feel appreciated and win them over. Here are some different ideas for what to put in the food baskets.

2. A Potted Plant

Potted plants are all the craze right now and add a fresh and beautiful look to almost any place. Adding plants into your home décor is a fun, easy way to brighten up any space. Send your clients a potted plant, and they will likely remember your company every time they see it on their desk and be reminded of how much you appreciate their business.

3. Company Swag

A calendar, a nice leather notebook, or a pair of headphones are things that your clients can use every day. Adding on your company logo will remind your customer of your brand every time they use the swag!

4. Gift Cards

Gift cards are an easy and quick gift that will make almost anybody happy! When sending gifts, there is always the risk of your client not liking the gift. But with a gift card, they can pick out something that they like for themselves. You can get gift cards for Amazon, Sephora, and many other places.

For an added personal touch, send along a handwritten note with the gifts. This shows your client that you've taken the time to write to them personally and can help them feel more appreciated.

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