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How to Celebrate Black History Month in Your Office? 7 Great Ideas!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Almost everyone living in the US studies about the Black History Month, observed every year in February, in school. But, only a very few commemorate it once they grow up. It shouldn’t be that way though. All of us have the social and moral responsibility to recognize and appreciate the struggles, contributions, achievements, and the culture of our fellow citizens of African descent. This responsibility gets even higher for those working on leadership positions, particularly in the corporate sector where diversity and inclusion have lately been the hot topics for discussion.

If you’re serving in a leadership role in the corporate sector, here are some great ideas for you to celebrate the Black History Month at your workplace:

1. Host a Movie Night

Set up a screen in your office dining area or take your team out to a theater and watch a movie related to black history.

2. Encourage Your African-American Employees to Share

Arrange a small event or turn the next all-hands meeting into a Black History Month celebration where your African-American employees share their knowledge, experience, and what this month means to them with their coworkers.

3. Invite a Speaker

Invite an African-American speaker to talk about this year’s Black History Month theme, which is The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.

4. Order Food from Small Businesses Owned by Blacks

For all the events you’re going to provide food in during this month, order it from small restaurants owned by African-Americans. You can also encourage all your employees to order food from black-owned restaurants throughout the month.

5. Donate for a Black Cause

There are many NGOs that work for issues African-Americans face in the country. Choose one and support it by donating them. Don’t forget to involve your employees in the task.

6. Set Up a Reading Club

If you already have a reading club in your office, great. If not, start it this month with a book related to black history, preferably an interesting one.

7. Host a Fun Night for Families

Since this year’s theme is the Black Family, you can organize a fun night for your employees and their families with activities, like painting and singing. Offer small giveaways to make it more interesting.

These Black History Month celebration ideas are not only educating, but are also great ways to bring the employees together. And the best thing is that most of these can be carried out virtually; don’t forget we’re still in the midst of a pandemic.

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