• Tiffany Anisette

The Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Updated: Feb 27

The concepts of diversity and inclusion have been talk of the corporate world for several years now. From startups to multinational organizations, all the players in the corporate world continue to reaffirm their commitment to building diverse teams and inclusive workspace cultures, time and again. The reason being the many benefits building a diverse and inclusive team offers.

In case, you’re still evaluating the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, here we’re highlighting some of them for you:

1.It Helps Build a Strong Workforce

Being open to hiring people from all backgrounds allow companies to capture the best talent in the industry. This, in turn, enables them to build strong teams.

2.It Inspires Innovation and Creativity

When people with different backgrounds and experiences work together, they bring newer perspectives ideas, and solutions, which then breeds innovation.

When employees feel they’re valued and listened to, they put in more effort in their work and always strive to come up with newer and better ideas.

3.Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Leads to Improved Problem Solving

It is common knowledge that different people have different ways of thinking and adopt different approaches to problem solving. When a group of cognitively diverse people work together on problems, they tend to come up with better solutions, much quickly than homogenous teams.

4.It Helps Improve Customer Service

A diverse and inclusive workplace is a reflection of the incredibly diverse society that we live in. As representatives of different groups, the employees coming from varied backgrounds help develop a better understanding of customers; their needs, problems, and behaviors. This, in turn, enables companies to cater to them in better ways.

5.It Improves Business Performance

According to research, happy employees are 13% to 20% more productive than the unhappy ones. When employees are respected, valued, and given equal growth opportunities, they naturally feel happy, which boost their performance.

A high-performing team eventually improves the performance of the organization.

6.It Helps Generate Higher Revenue

Company’s performance has a direct impact on the revenue. When the performance improves, the revenue increases too. According to research from McKinsey, racially and ethnically diverse companies have 35% more chances to generate revenues higher than national industry medians.

7.It Improves Company’s Reputation

Diversity and inclusion are two of the most highly prized values in the modern corporate culture. The companies that truly implement them in their workplace enjoy a great reputation not only among the staff, but also among investors, customers, and in the society at large.

These are only some of the benefits of building a diverse and inclusive workplace; it has a lot more to offer. Register in our training workshops to learn more about the importance and benefits of having a diverse team and an inclusive work culture.

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