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Tips To Self-Care And Still Be Effective When Communicating Virtually

Tips To Self-Care And Still Be Effective When Communicating Virtually

The COVID-19 closed office doors across the globe. As a result, millions of employees chose to work remotely. Although working remotely offers a lot of advantages, this rapid transition caused by the pandemic has caused immense stress to employees that work remotely.

Whether you are an employee or team leader, this lifestyle change and stress can have a negative impact on your health and overall wellbeing. In this situation, what you need to do is follow a few self-care tips while being effective during your virtual communication with your team. Let’s check out some of the tips that can help you.

Tips to Self-Care for Remote Workers

Follow a routine: The ongoing pandemic has disrupted your schedule. However, you still need to follow your new routine and make sure you get plenty of sleep and maintain a regular workflow.

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Eat healthily: If you eat healthily, you can feel the energy, be positive, and concentrate throughout the day. Try your best to keep away from junk food as these foods can give you temporary relief from stress but cause weight gain and sluggishness.

Move on: you can exercise in your home gym or go out for a walk while staying in touch with your team virtually. With regular exercise, you can maintain your energy, boost your mood, and cognitive function.

Adjust office hours: the problem with working remotely is that it blurs the difference between personal time and work time. So, you should set and follow a schedule to do your office work and take care of domestic chores.

For instance, you may choose to send emails to your team at 7 pm and devote the rest of the time to your personal matters.

Stay social: Just because you are working from home amidst this crisis doesn’t mean you can’t be social. You can schedule social hours with your teammates or colleagues. This way you can develop social connections and maintain physical distances at the same time.

Limit screen time: Since working remotely requires you to stay online, it doesn’t mean you can spend the whole day staring at your computer screen. Excessive screen time can drain you much faster and keep you away from healthy activities, such as getting fresh air and doing exercise.

How You Can Support and communicate with your Team Remotely

You may have tons of questions and fears on your mind about keeping all the team members on track, communicating clearly, and managing performance. During this crisis, it’s important that you support you communicate and support your team effectively.

Due to the increased uncertainty and stress, employees are more likely to have a burnout.

If you monitor your employees for signs of burnout, you can take the right steps to give them the support they need to avoid burnout. Given below are a few common signs you should watch out for:

  • Slow work progress

  • Lack of enthusiasm

  • Frustration

  • Low productivity

  • Mistakes in work

  • Illness

  • Exhaust

Support your employees remotely

Given below are a few ways you can give all the support your team or employees need for self-care;

  • Perform regular health checks

  • Clearly communicate your expectations

  • Show appreciation

  • Communicate your goals clearly

  • Encourage self-care

In short, if you follow these self-care tips, you can still be able to communicate with your team virtually and stay on track to achieve your goals.

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