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What is Employee Engagement, and How Do You Create It?

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

how to create employee engagement

Employee engagement is described as the degree to which your employees are motivated by, passionate about, and engaged in their work. It also shows how invested an employee is in your organization and their relations with other employees. Employee engagement can be influenced by various factors and can be difficult to measure or quantitate.

Increased employee engagement offers many benefits to your organization, including more loyal and hardworking employees. According to a recent Dale Carnegie study, 70% of senior leaders agree that employee engagement impacts an organization’s financial performance.

In contrast, only 30% of leaders agree that organizations make employee engagement a priority in management.

Try these five strategies to create more employee engagement:

1. Prioritize Employee Feedback

Your employees want to feel heard and seen. Regularly ask your employees for feedback and have more one-on-one conversations with them to ensure they have a voice. It is also important that you deliberately act on their feedback and make relevant changes.

2. Organize Employee Events and Outings

Volunteer events, employee dinners, and game nights are a few examples of events and outings you can plan for your employees. The more time employees can spend together outside the work employment, the better relationships they can form.

3. Offer Rewards and Incentives

A thankless job is sure to lead to your employees feeling bored, disengaged, and unhappy. If you see someone doing a good job or reaching certain achievements, offer them praise or some reward or incentive to keep up the good work.

4. Build On Your Employee Training Program

Training programs can help engage your employees as they learn valuable skills and knowledge for the job. Employees may also be more engaged if these training programs add to their personal value as professionals.

5. Allow Flexibility

Nobody likes to feel boxed in and stuck. Allow employees freedom and flexibility in timings and workload as long as they stay on track.

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